‘It’s Too Late’ – Ali Ndume Refuses To Step Down In Race For Senate Presidency

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‘It’s Too Late’ – Ali Ndume Refuses To Step Down In Race For Senate Presidency

Senator Ali Ndume has said that it is too late for him to step down as a contender for the position of senate president in the 9th Assembly.

Ndume made the statement after another key contestant in the race, Senator Danjuma Goje stepped down for Senator Ahmed Lawan.

In an interview with newsmen on Thursday, Senator Ndume insisted that he is not ruffled by Senator Goje’s decision to step down for senator Lawan who is the consensus candidate of his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Ndume insisted that he is standing for the truth and practice of true democracy.

He said, “Goje is entitled to his decision…. It is too late for me to step down now.

“I have said it several times that I am contesting based on my convictions and believe.

“I am doing something that is very important for democracy, democracy cannot thrive or there is no democracy without election.

“People should be allowed to elect whoever they want as a leader, it is very very important.

“All these people that are trying to bring this imposition are not doing it in the interest of the people and even themselves because if there was imposition, then those that are trying to impose on us will not be there.

“What I am doing is to stand for democracy, stand for what is right and speak the truth even if I am alone and I am sure that at the end of it, history will vindicate me for standing for the truth, for standing for democracy and standing for what is right”.

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